27 September 2010

Work = Fun

We had a great time on the 21st of Sept! For the 1st time handling event was mad fun!!!
Hahahaah! Yipppee!
Well the after math wasn't so happy, fell sick for a week just fully recovered today teh 27th of Sept!
Anyone paying me to organize their big day?

06 September 2010

Cornflakes cookies Nina & Ayed

Since raya is sooo around the corner..therefore, i have decided to make my cornflakes cookies, (although cannot lawan Sheeda cookies..hehe)
The ingredients:

1 box of cornflakes

Flour- sesuke hati hahaha..

250gms butter cup owh buttercup

Vanilla essence - 1 teaspoon

Sugar - Sesedap tekak

1 egg (yolk only)

Ayed posing with the ingredients..hehe cute kid..
I am not the type of person that does my baking by the books. Tak berape pro nak ikut sukatan and all. I feel better to just follow my instinct. Haha..
What i did with this was campur aje semue adunan and the sugar and the flour sesuke and secukup rase and rupe. Not too hard and not too soft, get it? haha..Then start the oven and let it bake! Simple and easy..tapi still takleh chalenge Sheeda Cookies..hehe..
For contact please email me. serious tak tipu seday sheeda cookies..beraneka jenis cookies raya ade..

Hasilnye: It must be good when you see this picky kid diggin' into it with his monkey smile!

Baking is a theraphy for me. I might not get the best result but it sure is the best stress reliever for me!!!
Try it peeps!

03 September 2010

Let's Travel!!!


Matta Fair is back!!!! Yiipppeeee! I am checking it out if got time this weekend. Anticipating banyak good travel deals nie! Yeah! I think this time i NEED to purchase something, lame tak pergi cuti cuti. Let's start with some thing near and local shall we? ha-ha!
Rase macam nak pergi Bali la or maybe Bangkok. Bangkok to purchase stocks!!About to start a small accessories business with a good friend soon. J- i am promoting us now! Haha..
Insyaallah god willing our business will start in 2011..
Back to Matta Fair, yang tak bestnye sure ramai and jalan akan jadi sgt jam ..but then again bukan aku sorang je yang nak pegi pun! Haha!
But the deals are pretty good so it is worth the effort!

See ya there!!