31 August 2013

Hellooo.. Its been awhile.. Okay am here in Sungai Petani's Swiss Inn for a wedding tonight. Place is not bad for a 3 and half star hotel. Good service superb Olympic suze swimming pool and friendly staffs. Stranded in KLIA for 2 hours Mas Friday Delay tak boleh dipisahkan.. Heheh.. Had a not si pleasant experience in the flight last night.. Nothing this old heart cannot handle. But did wish the crew Would be more courteous and professional. After all you are the number 1 cabin crew. Okay am off share some pics later...that's if I remember! Hahaha..

25 July 2012

Salam Ramadhan...

Good Morning and salam ramadhan to all... As usual i will take an estimated time of almost a year to post something in here. It's ramadhan qareem year 2012... So far it has been a good and smooth one... Biaselah bulan nie semue org berlumbe mempertingkatkan ibadah...Semoge diberkati.. Alot has happen for the past 6 months.. Went to Manila to see me daddy, went to Spore just for the sake of taking Khalid to Spore Zoo.. Still searching for a new place to call home...bla bla... How's everyone doing i wonder... Till we meet again..

24 October 2011

Translation services

Hey ya..
Its already October now ending fast and November is already approaching... raya aidiladha is near..
How time flies..
Ok out of topic..
This post is to tell all if you need any translation service from Malay to English or English to Malay pls drop me a line or two at my email address
Got some good deals for you..
I'll reply with quote soonest after..
Even if it's urgent drop me a line and we can discuss the needfull...
Nitey nite..

20 September 2011

DUA' by Pah & Nina


We are brewing something really nice in our fashion kitchen..
A good friend and i started this online business a few months back..Its called DUA..

Now go like our page in Facebook..

The Secret Life of Nora

I have always had this secret unsaid passion for plays, theatres and good films..
The recent theatre i had my eyes on is The Secret Life of Nora...

Read the sypnosis in here :

Not bad eh..There's always something new from Datin Tiara...
It starts on the 29 of September ...
Anyone care to treat me??

19 September 2011

Hiatus, Cactus, Smurfilicioussss..

Oh my god, it's been ahwile since i last wrote here..a long while..
I was in hiatus mode..

Is it too late to wish everyone a 'Selamat Hari Raya'??
Ha-ha! Oh well, a big selamat hari raya aidilfitri to everyone!
How was your raya?? Had a blast witht he ketupat and rendang?
Hope so and may Allah bless you all with happiness..

Well, it is my plesure to announce my latest obsession..

THey are the Smurfsssss...3 apples tall creatures that lives in the enchanted eh ..betul ke enchanted forest...haha..

Neway, the place i worked for
is having a big campaign on this!! Enjoy the smurfsssss peeps...

Photo: Courtesy of Sony site
Can you believe this creatures are 3 apples tall?? darn cute...
and the tune they la la la...its their working song...oh my god i cant contain my self!!! hahah!
we all grew up with these tiny things and chances are if you ask your mummy and daddy they would be saying the same thing too..
la la la la la la.....

13 February 2011


It is very late to wish all a Happy New Year 2011!!

It's been very long since i last wrote. Had a pretty hectic and full of turbulence life last year.
I thank Allah for a ery rewarding year last year. Learned alot, lost alot and gained lots and lots~~

Went on a trip to Kota Kinabalu in December. It's liKe a welcome Home Nina trip.
Had fun with the family. I love my family very much~

Will try to gain more this eyar.
The biggest news is waiting for Bonus in March and the new job levelling and strucure!
Hope for good news ahead!

Happy Working peeps!