19 September 2011

Hiatus, Cactus, Smurfilicioussss..

Oh my god, it's been ahwile since i last wrote here..a long while..
I was in hiatus mode..

Is it too late to wish everyone a 'Selamat Hari Raya'??
Ha-ha! Oh well, a big selamat hari raya aidilfitri to everyone!
How was your raya?? Had a blast witht he ketupat and rendang?
Hope so and may Allah bless you all with happiness..

Well, it is my plesure to announce my latest obsession..

THey are the Smurfsssss...3 apples tall creatures that lives in the enchanted eh ..betul ke enchanted forest...haha..

Neway, the place i worked for
is having a big campaign on this!! Enjoy the smurfsssss peeps...

Photo: Courtesy of Sony site
Can you believe this creatures are 3 apples tall?? darn cute...
and the tune they la la la...its their working song...oh my god i cant contain my self!!! hahah!
we all grew up with these tiny things and chances are if you ask your mummy and daddy they would be saying the same thing too..
la la la la la la.....